A Sixpence In Her Shoe?

If you are in the wedding professional industry, have planned, or are planning a wedding, chances are you have heard the phrase “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, & a Sixpence in her Shoe.” And, if you are a “traditional” bride/couple, it is more than likely that you go through that phrase like a checklist and make sure you have each piece in place on your wedding day. But what does all of this actually mean? In this blog, we will delve deeper into these traditions that mean so much to so many brides.

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The phrase originated in Lancashire, England during the Victorian Era. During this time, superstitions ran high, and people were always trying to come up with things that would ward off these superstitions, especially those that accompanied a couple on their wedding day. This part of the phrase symbolizes continuity, as well as the traditions that have been passed on throughout the generations. It is thought that our ancestors surround us and protect us from evil spirits.

Something Old Ideas:

· Wearable Items:

o Photo of Grandparents

o Antique or Vintage Jewelry/Hair Accessories

o Relative’s Wedding Dress

o Piece of Mother/Grandmother’s Dress

o Using Father’s Tie in Décor (i.e. wrapping the bouquet)

· Other Items:

o Older Venue

o Vintage Car

o Family Bible


Simply put, this part of the phrase symbolizes being optimistic for what the future holds. Learning from the past, and looking towards the future with the ability to continue to carry on the traditions of the past.

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Something New Ideas:

· A New Perfume

· New ‘Signature’ Lipstick

· New Initials Monogrammed on a Handkerchief or Necklace

· New Lingerie

· New Haircut

· New Jewelry

· New Shoes

· New Wedding Dress