WHY Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?!?

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In my first year as a wedding planner, I had my nephew Lealand staying with me the weekend of a wedding I assisted with. (I was primarily there to help another wedding planner get everything set up, and then once this was finished, I came back at the end of the night to help tear everything down.) I had Lealand help me set up the wedding reception area before we were able to go do his birthday activity. While setting up the decor, very innocently he asked, "But, Aunt Shannon. Don't people just show up to the wedding?" This is a very commonly asked question!

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If you would, please take a moment, close your eyes, and picture the most perfect wedding day.

Ladies – your hair and make up is the picture of perfection. Your dress is to die for. You have the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers. You have your grandmother’s pearls around your neck. You have all of your besties around you. You are truly an angelic vision! And, you’ve never been happier in your life!

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Gentlemen – your hair has been cut and styled perfectly. Your guys are all taking jabs at you, saying things like, “It’s not too late!” and “Run, while you still can!” Your tuxedo will make all the gals say “Hubba Hubba!” You look and feel like Bond. James Bond. And, you know that in just a short time, you will become the luckiest guy on earth, with the most beautiful women ever.

Keep your eyes closed!

It’s time for the ceremony.

Guys – You’re at the end of the aisle, next to the preacher, waiting for the vision that will be coming towards you shortly.

Ladies – Your besties have already walked down the aisle, the music has changed, you take your father’s arm, the congregation rises, and you begin your journey down the aisle towards your happily-ever-after.