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Special Services Offered

Did you know that we offer special services outside our realm of event planning, coordination, and designing? These services currently include Napkin Folding and Chair Sash Tying. We are always looking for more things to learn so that we can truly create one-of-a-kind events for you!

*PLEASE NOTE - Napkin folding and tying takes time to do! For Napkin Folding, if renting napkins from WTWPE, please allow up to 2 weeks prior to event for the napkins to be folded/tied. If renting napkins from somewhere else, we need napkins to be delivered NO LATER than a week prior to the event for us to be able to get the napkins ready. If we have to fold or tie the napkins the day of the event, an additional fee will be charged!

Rentable Decor Categories

Chair Sash Tying

Balloon Garlands

Napkin Folding

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