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Invitations & Save the Date Template

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

You just got engaged! Congratulations! Now all that has to happen is announce the date and have everyone show up, right? Well, sure, if you’re a guest of the party! How incredibly inaccurate this statement is becomes blatantly obvious if you have ever planned a wedding, or any event for that matter. After you have decided on a date, you have to choose vendors. Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, a florist, a venue…

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Not to worry! As with anything, wedding planning is a step-by-step process. There are obviously several behind-the-scenes steps that need to happen so that the guests “can just show up.” Today, I would like to address the step of choosing your stationery. There are probably a ton of places that you can go to do your wedding stationery. But today, I would like to draw your attention to a company called Basic Invite. Basic Invite is an online company that offers a variety of stationery services for cards and invitations and much more for events such as weddings, graduations, a new baby, and any other event you can possibly think of. The company offers free, fully customizable wedding websites that allow the couple to upload all of their wedding information, pictures, maps to the location of the event, etc. Wedding websites are a great way for your guests and loved ones to join in and be a part of the whole wedding process, even if they are not physically near the couple during the planning process.


Now, the question becomes, isn’t the invite enough? In today’s ever-increasingly busy world, we need constant reminders of events that are going to happen at a future date. At Basic Invite, they have you covered! Each piece of the stationery set acts as a reminder of the all-important date of the wedding, the baby shower, the graduation, etc. One of the key components, and really the first thing a couple should order are “Save the Date” cards. This acts like a pre-announcement. It is usually the first time that they will hear about the upcoming event. It will allow them to look at their schedules and mark it on their calendars. This gives the guests time to request the time off from work and begin saving the money needed to attend the event (i.e. for gas, hotel accommodations, travel expenses, etc.) This is especially important if you are having a destination wedding! Basic Invite has made this step easy for anyone to create save the date cards simply by clicking on the link save the date template. Once there, couples will get to choose from an unlimited number of color combinations and styles that will fit perfectly with each couple. Don’t want to do the ‘traditional’ card? No problem! At Basic Invite, couples can choose to make save the date wedding magnets, which their guests can use to hold anything important on their fridge, including the actual invitation for the event! A third option is to send a cheap save the date postcards. This option is great because it doesn’t require as much postage as a card does.

No matter what style and color you choose for your save the date, you can match that style and colors for the rest of your stationery set, which can should include:

· Save the Date

· Invitation

· Registry Cards

· RSVP card

· Direction Cards

· Accommodation Cards

· Thank You Cards

· And so much more!

All this and more can be found at Basic Invite. And if all of this wasn’t enough, not only do you get a free website, and fully customizable stationery sets, but you can order a CUSTOM SAMPLE, which will allow you to see exactly what your save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards, etc. will look like before you send them out to your guests!

AND, Basic Invite has a FREE address collection service that makes collecting addresses for each of your guests easy and stress-free.

At Basic Invite, they are always looking for ways to help make this part of the wedding process easier for their couples, which is why they now offer their Send & Seal Wedding Invitation package. This is an all-in-one wedding invitation set that comes with an easy tear-off RSVP card! Once you have received your order from Basic Invite, all you will have to do is fold your invites along predetermined lines, seal them with personalized stickers, add postage and send them off in the mail. EASY PEASY!

As you can see from the samples above, Basic Invite has an incredible selection of invitations and other stationery needs. Please check them out! You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest at @basicinvite

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